House Rules

Dear guests, you are welcome in my home!

The philosophy of “home- holidays” is a bit different from the one of hotel structures. For this reason you will find below some rules to follow so that the guests after you will find the same welcome you received.

On our side we will do our best for meeting your needs and make your stay pleasant and relaxing.

  • Pets are allowed, upon agreement with the manager;
  • As required by law, every guest, at his check in, must show a valid ID document;
  • After the check-in, guests will receive the keys and the gate remote control , and they will be fully autonomous, with no hour restrictions;
  • Guests are responsible for the keys and the gate remote controls received. If guest lose them there will be a penalty of EUR 50;
  • The City of Verona requires guests to pay the city tax of euro 1,50 to person (excluding children under 14) for first 5 nights of stay in the calendar month, to be paid to the operator of the structure when leaving housing.
  • NO SMOKING inside the apartment. You can smoke outside using the special ashtray. Transgressors will be subject to the penalty provided by law;
  • Always turn off lights and air conditioners when you leave the house and make sure that the door is locked. If the guest does not respect this rule, the operator will be entitled to enter the apartment to turn off the air conditioners and the lights on;
  • Do not open to outsiders, even if they qualify themselves as a postman, inspectors or agents of the gas, electricity, water or Police. The unregistered persons, or relatives, or friends of guests are admitted upon notice and consent of the operator;
  • Handle with care the furniture and equipments: any damage must be promptly reported and compensated;
  • It is strictly forbidden to use gas, liquid or solid fuel, and electric stoves; It is forbidden to light fires;
  • Please respect the silence from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and from 1:00p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and do not disturb other guests with loud noises. Please keep the TV at a reasonable volume.
  • The apartment and the garden must be left IN THE SAME CONDITION AS IT WAS DELIVERED. IN PARTICULAR THE DISHES USED, THE OVEN, STOVE AND ALL ACCESSORIES USED TO BE WASHED AND CLEAN AS THEY WERE FOUND. Who does not respect these agreements and leave the kitchen a mess, they will be charged € 30 for additional cleaning fee.